The Gala Premiere

Kings Place - Little Fir Tree

We are incredibly excited to have LITTLE FIR TREE on at KINGS PLACE on 18th December 2018 as part of their Christmas Celebrations.

We have an excellent cast on board led by Sylvester McCoy as the narrator (The Hobbit Trilogy, Doctor Who) as well as, in no particular order, David Burt, Owen Oakeshott, Elena Breschi, Billie Hamer, Simon Anthony, Ryan Hunter and Nancy Hill.

The Gala Premiere is being directed by David Ian Neville, and our musical director is Stephen Clarke.

Our designer, Claire Lyth, has come up with some imaginative visual ideas to bring the stage to life and she has crafted some stunning slides of a fairytale forest in different hues to create an atmospheric glow. (In fact all the designs on this website are Claire’s).

This is an uplifting family musical by the same composers, Megg Nicol and David Stoll who have collaborated previously on ‘The Drummer Boy of Waterloo’ that premiered with Jubilee Opera in 2015 and were nominated for a British Composers Award 2016. (Published by Novello).

The story revolves around Little Fir Tree as he struggles with the challenges and joys of growing up in the Great Forest, where animals live happily alongside talking trees. A little girl called Lara lives nearby and shares this dream. But unforeseen dangers threaten this idyllic place. When Little Fir Tree’s best friend, Owl, goes missing, the future looks bleak as the two bully trees, Big and Bigger, take advantage of his absence to plot to destroy the Little Fir Tree’s dream of happiness and turn Lara’s world upside down. (Full synopsis here)

You could say that LITTLE FIR TREE is a tiny tree with big ideas and our aim for it is simple; not only to stage a fantastic concert showcase but to also inspire and get on a full-scale production for Christmas 2019.

Kings Cross -  Little Fir Tree

King's Cross at Christmas

Kings Place - Little Fir Tree

The Foyer, Kings Place

Kings Place - Little Fir Tree

The Little Fir Tree Gala Premiere

We believe that LITTLE FIR TREE , the full musical, once it is established, can run every year as a festive 'evergreen'.

We are extremely pleased that the concerts are taking place in one of Europe's most glorious eco-friendly new theatres near King's Cross.

We know that when the audience arrives at KINGS PLACE they will enjoy the ambiance of the venue. As they go down the moving stairs into the stunning foyer below the WOODLAND TRUST will have a festive stall with lots of information on how people can join them in their quest to preserve our forests and plant more trees.

It is our pleasure to be able work with them and contribute to their efforts to get the message across, that trees are important, the more we plant, the healthier our planet will be.

In our imaginary forest you will find a world of talking trees and their animal friends. It is not an easy place for humans to penetrate and very few manage to enter the portal to this mysterious world.

But on this day, December 2018, we invite you to step into the magical world of LITTLE FIR TREE.

Rabbit - Little Fir Tree


The Little Fir Tree

Little Tree

Poacher Pete - The Little Fir Tree

Poacher Pete